Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Moments of Conversion: Part 6

Moments of Conversion: Part 6
Lindsey's Prayer over Me
March 20, 2006
Why do I have such great friends?

Quick summary of March 06:
Put Jeep up for sale, bought a motorcycle, went on a camping trip with ex-boyfriend, roomie, and two of her friends, hitch-hiked home, neither vehicle was operational, started a new job to add to my other three, went on spring break to Portland, got sick and puked all over downtown, had major flight delays coming home, found out I was illegally working at new job, working on a very important presentation (monologue drama of Peter), lost my cell phone riding to new job, which brings us to the night being discussed.

These were all my surface concerns which were masking all my emotional turmoil of the times. I was inwardly concerned about graduation and moving and the ex and being a workaholic, and on top of it all a self-sacrificing friend with no cell phone. The day before, Sunday, I had pulled a morning shift (7a-3p) at the shelter and my roommate picked me up because of my vehicle situation. We get to the apartment and she loans me her phone to see if my family is going out for lunch (Sunday ritual, we all eat lunch together no matter what). They are still at my favorite restaurant and just ordered. And that was it. They didn't make any arrangements for me to join. I was out of luck for not having a car. I'm passive aggressive sometimes. Today was one of those days. I had had enough of it all. So in a calm pleasant way I ask my roommate what her plans are for the day and ask if she wants to go for a walk. I'm gathering my bike helmet and platypus and heading out the door. She follows. We begin the 6 mile walk/ride to my dad's office (one of the places I work). About half a mile from arrival my parents drive by on their way to Sam's and asked what we were doing. I say going on a hunt for food. They drive off. We get to the office and I realize I don't have the key. Luckily there is an Arby's a block away. We get there and start to order and I realize I don't have money. So we go another 2 miles to my parents house and make some microwave pot pies. Parents come home after a while, take us for ice cream and drive us home. Don't make me mad, I might walk to Yorkville to sit in some porch hammocks!

That night at 12am I go in to work at the college women's dorm front desk. At the desk I generally catch up on homework until 6am. That night a friend of mine, Lindsey was working on the same projects as me. So she said she would probably be up in the lobby area with me for most of the night. Around 3 she joined me at the front desk and told me about the presentation she had been working on, the Prodigal's son. After talking about that for a while she asked me how I was doing. I thanked her for sharing her warm fleece blanket with me and told her about my frustrations with life. I just couldn't understand why it felt like everything was falling apart around me. I was mad at the current situation, I was still tearing myself up for mistakes in my past, but I was more afraid of my future. Lindsey was able to sense the need for peace in my being and wrapped her arms around me and we entered into prayer together.

I don't remember a thing Lindsey prayed now but what I remember is feeling God. As a younger child back in jr and sr high school often I would cry out to God that all he needed to do to rescue me from the hell I thought my life was would be to embrace me. That night, a couple months from leaving LCU and beginning the new life that I now live, God reached down and embraced me through Lindsey. Lindsey really is an amazing woman with a heart of gold. When she listened to my pains I could see in her eyes that she not only cared but hurt with me. "The Word became flesh and pitched his tent among us." (John 1:14a) Jesus showed up in Lindsey that night and has propelled me into the fury of life again. He provided me the strength to continue to search for wisdom to deal with frustrations not just in my petty struggles of life but in matters of religion and justice.

This was a really neat experience. I've never known a more sincere prayer. I was able to thank Lindsey a couple months ago at the World Mission Workshop and let her know what an impact her prayer had on me. I hope our paths cross again someday. Thank God for friends who care about our spiritual well-being.

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gerbmom said...

Everyone needs a Lindsey in their life. You were/are very blessed!

BTW,blog's lookin' good, Jen....:)