Saturday, June 07, 2008

Booneville, AR

So much for writing a string of blogs on running this spring. I'll get back to what I was going to write about death and running at some point but for now I wanted to give just a quick update on where I'm living and what's going on with all that.

I realize that I've moved more than 10 times in the past five years and that is OUT of CONTROL! So right now I'm in Booneville, AR. I've been living in Kansas City, MO for a week. The week before that I was training in Minneapolis, MN. The weekend before that I was moving away from Plano and West Chicago, IL and running a marathon in Traverse City, MI. This has been a CRAZY two weeks. I have gone from running 26.2 miles to being confined to a wheelchair five days later.

Another crazy thing that happened recently included trying to send a fax out of Kinko's in KC on Friday and I met a guy named Cody who was waiting on me to get done sending the fax so he could receive a fax. We talked. He labeled me a transient. What does that even mean? that I'm not committed, not deep, I'm into experiences more than I am to people, that I'm like the man in "Into the Wild?" But maybe it's true. I do love moving and traveling about. Meeting as many people in as many places as possible.

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gerbmom said...

My dear transient friend...

At least he didn't label you a mentally ill homeless person......
hope you're feeling better. :)