Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Psalm 139

Read the chapter first if you want to understand

Yesterday we did Lectia Divina on Ps. 139. I was touched by several images. The phrase that struck me most was `You hem me in` remembering the prayer of St. Patrick. Then considering the final stanza about search me, know my heart, know my thoughts, see if there is offensive ways in me, lead me in the way everlasting. (paraphrase of vs. 23-24).
God is with all his children even in the places we consider most dark. God makes those places of light. He also directs us to become agents of light, driving out darkness. He exposes the dark places inside each of us.
There are parts of me which are opposed to the light. I pray that God would either destroy those parts or completely reconcile them to Himself. I realize that I am a mess spiritually at time. I profess Christ and He is instructing me in freedom but I abuse this freedom possibly to an extent that damages Kingdom efforts to reconcile a broken world. I am free to do all things except that which harms my brother or sister. Sometimes the effects of my actions are hard to discern. It seems I need increased wisdom in these matters as well.
Lord begin this painful work in me.

Last Tuesday by grandfather passed away with ALS. I expected he would while I was here in Brazil but it was still hard being so far from the family. My dad was able to call Wednesday night while I was teaching Jessica our new cardio workout. It was good to hear his voice. I´m thankful for our group cell phone. Then Friday during the funeral I went to the Metropolitan Cathedral to pray alone. This was a good time for me.
Last weekend we stayed at the Nichol´s house outside the favela. The Nichols are the American WMF staff. There was lots of English speaking and American food. When we left the house to go to the grocery store it took me a little while to remember I was in another place. Yesterday and today were good to be with Brazilians again, speaking Portuguese, giving positive attention to children who don´t want us to leave.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that I got to run nearly 5.5 mile on Sunday at an island called Paquita in the bay. It was a chilly overcast day, perfect for running.

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