Saturday, August 11, 2007

Harry Potter 7

Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows
by J. K. Rowling
Arthur A. Levine Books, 2007

This is probably the first series of books I've followed completely as they were written. No matter what anybody says these were wonderful books. I think they will benefit adults and children alike more than they could possibly harm. Reason being, the character development within the books is like a lesson in sociology and morality. What could I possibly mean? There are many types of characters in this book: young, old, male, female, popular, peculiar, good, evil, etc... There is development of people though their primary personality developing years, teenage. This means that those reading the book get the privilege of observing the dynamic relationships of people as they learn to relate to one another. This view I think could help readers understand more about themselves and what qualities a good friend might possess. Maybe that is a bit of a stretch but seriously that is the part of all of these books I have enjoyed the most.

There were parts of the books when Harry for instance struggled with the feeling like he had to do everything himself without the assistance of friends. There were times with everyone thought Luna was a nut. There were times when Ron lost his temper. There were times when Hermione was lonely. There were times when Neville began to stand up for what he believed. I understand that all these characters were made up but they are a beautiful portrayal of real personalities and real development. I hope that especially children reading these books will have seen though this seventh book that the best way to live is selflessly even to the point of actually being willing to lay down your life for another person.

What did I think of the actual story? I liked the journey feel. Harry and his two companions having to travel undercover to find and destroy the Horcruxes. In the last couple chapters I think Rowling tried to put too many main events. IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK AND DOESN'T WANT IT TO BE SPOILED DON'T READ THIS NEXT PART!!!!!!! first Harry is about to go to Voldemort then he goes to the castle with Snape's memory, then Harry starts going back to Voldemort, then he stops to chat with Neville, then Harry gets to Voldemort, then Harry dies, then Harry talks to Dumbledore, then he's back to life, I'll not write about the very last part unless some of you are still reading who haven't read the book. But is just felt very back and forth and overdone in the end. What would have been so bad about Harry actually being killed with Voldemort? I think the better ending could have been the interpretation of the prophecy being they either both lived or both died (this actually was the interpretation but of course in the end Harry lives while Voldemort dies) oops I gave it away.

All in all, I have really enjoyed reading this books and look forward to adding the complete set of audio books to my collection for long solo road trips (I wish I had them already because I'm about to drive to Lubbock, again).

The next book I will be writing about is Punk Monk. Expect to see that one today or tomorrow.

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