Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mother Teresa

No Greater Love
The most Accessible and Inspirational Collection of Her Teachings Ever Published

This was a beautiful book that I recommend to anyone desiring to live in a way more like Christ. Most of the books I read are more critical of Christian culture and are not nearly so inspiring. But there is more than one way to skin a cat and Momma T chose the way of love.
The thing that struck me most while reading this book is that it begins with prayer than moves to love, giving, holiness and service. When I think of Mother Teresa and the life she lived I think of the unloved people she reached out to and the dieing people she gave a peaceful farewell to. I do not think of her as a so-called prayer warrier but she makes it abundantly clear in her writting that to do these marvelous acts of charity it must be God's movement in us. Her live was an outpouring of prayer. Her life was prayer in action.

This was a valuable lesson to learn as we arrived in Brazil because it seems that the first week was a lot of sitting around rather than going out. We did some things but mostly orientation stuff. So knowing that God's work in the world is accomplished through God not our abilities or ambition I didn't feel so lazy and like our days were wasted. Personally the first week was standing on the balcony overlooking the favela praying for God to move and for us to be instraments. Now it seems we will have a more regular active ministry schedule but I will strive to make every thing we do a prayer. I'm still learning in this area but this book gave renewed peace about the mercy and love of God for all people and it's okay if I don't do well, God is sovereign.

Read this one, it is amazing!!!!!

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