Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Did you ever wonder how we got "here"? I'm not meaning this in the profound origination sort of way but in the since of this very moment to this very place. I was at Caribou yesterday drinking an iced americano at the big table in the back watching the people and stuff while reading "Not for Sale" and then a friend shows up and he and one of his friends sit down. We get to talking instead of letting them study philosophy. My friend's friend is a catholic studying at Wheaton before going to siminary to become a priest. I asked him why he's at Wheaton and he didn't have an answer. We were a table of three wheaton misfits. Landon, didn't belong there but at least the more recent circumstances make some since (his pa being a prof and all) but the sequence of events before living in Wheaton are miraculous to say the least. This catholic friend was quite incredible but Wheaton really doesn't seem to understand the Catholic tradition very well so I can't imagine how he gets along from day to day. And myself, I'm here because I was told to proceed one step at a time and I looked up after a while and here I was. Most of the time I don't think this education is worth it but the time I'm having up here is meaningful for other reasons.

How did we get here?

I remember a year ago I was interviewing and applying for two different things. Both included a master's degree and roughly covered a two year time frame. I walked into the Psychology Dept. Chair's office and sat down with some heavy issues. I needed advise with a deeply personal issue from my past and also some direction to help me esape the paralysis of these two converging options. Neither of which was right or wrong. Both would be useful and would glorify God. Why do we let two equally valid options paralyze us? Or maybe it is just me.
In class today we discussed "calling." What does it mean to be called? Are we all called? Ephesians 4:1 won the day. I opened also to Isaiah 30:21 (I think this is the right reference) the one about either turn to the left or the right and behind you will be the voice, this is the way, walk in it. We are a chosen people called and set apart to be a people of God. Going back to Hesid or covenental relationship. I'm not trying to say there are no right and wrongs but by trying to elevate one vocation above another we have ignored our collective calling to be a people of God. We try to separate the sacred from the secular rather than realize it is all from God.
Where am I trying to go with this?
I think I need a picnic with the creator. I need to recognize the beauty in all things and also return to the relationship element of service.
There was one boy in my class today. He described a beautiful image of God in fellowship with us. He said that God sits with us and says child what do you want to do with me?
We are called to be a people of God, set free to radiate light in a broken world.

God sits with you on a red and white checkered cloth on a perfectly manicured bug-free hill in Ireland and askes you, His beloved child what you want to do Together. What will you say?

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