Thursday, September 27, 2007


I appologize for all the lame book report blogs lately but for whatever reason I have not felt the urdge to write about myself as much. I'm still searching. I still don't know entirely what for however. Monday morning I was invited to tell my life story to the Servant Team group here at the bungalow in Rio and it reminded me of truely how many years I have been searching. The search has taken many forms but has lasted for most of my life thus far. The difference is now I am aware of it.

I found a quote of Mother Teresa in my journal from March of 2007 that says, "My call is not to serve the poor. My call is to follow Jesus. I have followed him to the poor. But if he called me to the rich, I would go to the rich."

I will work on summing up what is occuring along this search while in Rio over the next week and it will focus around this quote to some degree. God is working on all of us here. We had an incredible conversation this morning on a part of "Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger" by Ron Sider. We were discussing the complexity of poverty and the was we perpetuate the causes. Next week we will discuss how we can work to overcome the structures of injustices. These things have me thinking. The systems of injustice have never been so easy to see as when I am here. And my understanding of poverty is completely different from what it was previous to this experience.

Like I said, I will think on these things and sometime next week will report what is actually going on in my heart, what God is teaching me at this time. What I report will not be intended to make anyone fill guilty for how they have decided to live. Don't read it if you feel like it might have this effect on you. I simpily want to fulfill my role as a member of this community and point to where I have seen God working in this world.

Now I'm rambling.

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