Saturday, September 22, 2007

Quest for Hope in the Slum Community

Quest for Hope in the Slum Community
A Global Urban Reader
Edited by Scott Bessenecker

This is a text book of the sort that I would expect to be assigned in some urban development or theology classes at Wheaton. I read it so that I would feel some connection with my life in Wheaton. It really was an incredibly overview of some of the terribly complex issues workers in the slum face when trying to help. Some parts were overly technical but even then it helped me realize that when facing particular issues of globalization I will need to do lots of studing up before thinking I can do anything to help.

For those looking for an introduction to theology of the slum I would recommend the first part of the book on Spiritual hope and the conclusion, a total of about 80 pages. It is a great basic perspective.

A quote:
"The Old Testament prophets were not weak in their opposition to evil. Time and time again, Got's spokesmen in the Scriptures recognized that he had appointed human authorities. They speak forcefully against sin. They do cry out in defense of culutural identity, and frequently call those in authority to repent. But they never call those under authority to rise up in rebellion."

Too many times oppressed groups turn to physical rebellion to overcome their evil oppressors but that is not God's command. How can we as ministers and justice seekers transform cultures peacefully? What does God demand as our response to injustices besides the obvious to stamp it out? What can I do in the next two and a half months in Brazil. I think for now I will stick to loving the street kids and maybe giving them hope. I will teach the orphans English and give them an advantage over the other public school kids. I will wash laundry at the Missionaries of Charity and hopefully encourage the sisters to continue to give of themselves to the men of the streets.

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