Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy New Year!

Yes, it's true, I am jumping the gun a little here but I am so excited to return to Chicago and start another year. This is not in an unhealthy I hate my life and want to get to the next stage as quickly as possible sort of way as it may have been in previous years of my life. But for once I love my life now, can look back and say I loved my life then, and can even look forward and see that it will continue to get better.

It is strange I think that I miss school so much. I was able to look up my tenative spring course schedule which got me thinking about going back to work. These things got me thinking about living with more wonderful families from Via Christus. The thought of that went to snow and commuting which drove my thoughts to when will I ever have time to cook these amazing Brazilian dinners and how wonderful it will be to work out at the Wheaton sports center again. Oh, how I long to run again.

Last night I mapped out a budget. I will stick to it this time even if I have to share it with the people I live with and make a poster on the wall in an easy to see location so they can check up on me often. I was also thinking about getting healthy again. Running regularly, doing strenth training so I don't injure and give up. Eating well balanced instead of eating crap food because I'm vegitarian and nobody has well balanced veggi food that doesn't require hours of prep and cooking time.

All in all I am so excited about the disciplined life I have mapped out for myself to return to. It will be fun. It will include lots of people time, me time, and make money and get out of debt time. I will also be taking wonderful classes about urban issues, ministry, and the Holy Spirit.

I have less then 7 weeks remaining in Brazil. The time here is running out but it's not yet over. I am truly loving being here but I will not be upset to return. I have learned so much here and I will continue to learn in these next several weeks. But the learning doesn't stop here. I'll go on to other phases of life and God will continue to teach me things. Alright, I'll stop writing so I can go rejoin the rythems of life in Rio.


gerbmom said...

OK Jen,
You've gotta teach me to cook some excellent vegetarian meals. Seriously. And I know you think that 7 weeks is short, but it seems like an eternity!!

tatiana said...

I found your blog randomly because I searched "reba place fellowship" and I guess you mentioned it once quite awhile ago (I live at Reba).

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I have been very touched by some of the things you wrote about your experience in Rio. Thank you for sharing a small slice of "the real world" with me who, despite my best intentions, still remains so separated from it. I hope this experience will change you and change the people you share it with.
-tatiana : )