Friday, October 26, 2007

Naked Before God

Naked Before God: The Return of a Broken Disciple
By Bill Williams with Martha Williams

This book was very creatively written. After just reading the first two chapters I already had to step away from the book because it was intense. Not only is the writing style creative, the story is captivating and the theology requires reconsideration. It seems to cover all the ground McLaren hits in "A New Kind of Christian" trilogy but not in such a defensive tone. Williams seems to very lovingly ask the reader to rethink our presuppositions about God, about people, about grace, and about a whole host of other things. I especially want to recommend this book to anyone with chronic medical conditions all the way from arthritis to MS to cancer to diabetes. You will know why after the first pace. Great book, great thoughts. This one touched my heart not just my intellect.

But why evangelize, if it doesn't leverage people into New Jerusalem?
Because the reward of faith is on earth, not in heaven. Those that receive it will find strength and endurance for their other wounds--as Christ says, faith makes you well. That's reason enough isn't it?
We do it for the reason we pursue all healing acts; because we're called to be healers. And if the soil is rocky and the seed dies, this is no more of a judgement on a person than cancer or Tourette's syndrome. It is yet another expressing of the Not Yet: the waiting for healing that we all endure. (pg 181)

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