Monday, October 08, 2007

Saint Francis of Assisi

Saint Francis of Assisi
By G. K. Chesterton

I finished this one a couple weeks ago so I have already forgotten what I wanted to write about it. Please forgive me for this error of procrastination. I do remember how enthralled I was by the use of language by Mr. Chesterton. He is so lyrical and deliberate about the use of each individual word. Each sentence is so flooded with meaning that this book was best read in a quiet well light uncluttered room so that I wasn't distracted by the common happenings around me. If I began to daydream even for only a moment I owed it to myself to backtrack and try once again to soak in what Chesterton was trying to document about the life of the beloved Saint.

Saint Francis is by far my favorite saint. He was a man completely in love with God. His love was for God was Innocent and sincere. Many people misunderstand Francis and his asceticism because they cannot understand the passionate love Francis had for his savior. Francis was glad to give up everything (family, possessions, money, prominent future, popularity) all to follow his lover (Christ). And truly he lived a beautiful life. One thing I learned about Francis is that he would chase beggars and thieves in order to give them what little he had not sparing anything for himself. Crazy man. Crazy in love. wow

I want to love like that. I want to see Christ in people like that. Francis is cool! You are cool. Read about Francis and let his life change yours.

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