Friday, September 12, 2008


Well yesterday was a bit of a crazy day for a couple reasons. Yesterday Lubbock was declared in a state of emergency for flooding and achieved an all time record for rain fall in a 24 hour period of time. I don't know what the final count was but at the 9pm news that I caught while visiting my parent's house we were already over 6" and a stronger storm cell was still moving over. The roads were amazing. Cars stalled out all over the place and several inches of water covering especially the the far right lanes. Here's the thing with Lubbock, it's in the middle of the plains and this part of the south plains is about as flat as any place in the world it's also incredibly dry (most of the time). So when the rain falls the only place for water to collect is in the roads. We also don't have lakes or rivers to transport rainwater elsewhere so 6" becomes a disaster. At least most people don't have basements that so easily flood, unlike in the north. I went to Wal-Mart this afternoon to find cheap furniture and 75% of their parking lot was more then 4" submerged. Amazing. To add to things, yesterday was the 3rd or 4th consecutive day of rain and though it didn't rain much today we have high chances of rain over the next couple days. So chances are we'll stay flooded for a while.

The second crazy thing to happen yesterday was I got a promotion at work. I had an evaluation scheduled with my supervisors (the administrators at the shelter) and had been preparing myself all day for a bit of a gripe session of them calling me out on slacking (they have video cameras everywhere so nothing I do goes unnoticed). As I sat down they opened the floor up for me to make suggestions, since I had worked there a couple years ago, to make comments of current employees or just how I felt everything was going. I gave my concerns about lack of training, leaderships,for a person with additional training to be shift leader keeping everyone on task and coordinating on the job training. They offered me the job. Easy as that. How do I always find myself in positions of leadership? It stresses me out but lets be honest, I secretly enjoy the work load and responsibility.

Today was less exciting. A bit of a soul searching day. No work just a meeting to pick up a paycheck and my new position was announced to the group. I will start that on Monday. After the meeting I came home to work on the apartment a little bit, eat queso, then I found myself doing some serious prayer time. I think I'm ready for surgery, disk replacement, if my PCP will recommend that to the insurance.

I really do love my life. Even if I have down moments or bad news, the overall thread of my life is adventure and joy. I'm bothered but not destroyed at the moment and that's okay. I've been in this place before. It's all part of starting over in a new (or old) place.

I know very few people actually read this but it helps me to process through writing and I like to have a record of life. The Internet just makes that easier.

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WarePhreak Wyncoop said...

So how is the new position working out? We keep praying for you.