Monday, February 16, 2009

Austin 1/2 marathon

Yesterday I ran the Austin 1/2 marathon. Today I'm a little sore in the calves but otherwise I feel great. The course was gentle for the first 8 miles and from there it felt almost like mountain climbing between the exhaustion level and grade of incline. I finished in 2:12:37. My goal time was 2:15 so I did really well. My sights are now set to the Oklahoma City Marathon in April. Still considering doing another 1/2 marathon in March. We'll see.
I got new running shoes this weekend and am looking forward to taking them on a three mile run tomorrow.


Kelsey said...

Yay! You beat your goal! That's super exciting! :D

Jessica said...

I love reading your running blog - even though I am both convicted and ashamed of my laziness!
But I read anyway cause it reminds me of how strong and dedicated you are, and I love to see a fellow traveler out there in the world doing her thing.
I applaud your transient status, you are living the dream! ;)
Love ya, Jess