Friday, February 06, 2009

lumbering through Lubbock

These past two weekends I've been doing long runs in my hometown of Lubbock in the neighborhood where I grew up. The thoughts I have had while running 10 and 12 miles through this neighborhood are about the kids I played with in elementary school and intermediate school. I remember Kristen, Lance and Lauren, Maegan, 2 Megans, Ranee, Kathy, Nicole, Drew, Brittany, Tonya, Kayla, and others. I thought about all the days on my bike with friends in the neighborhood. I thought about piano lessons and how I would have always rather be roaming the neighborhood then inside practicing the piano regardless of how much talent I had. I remember taking the family dog Honey for walks and riding bikes where the Mormon temple now stands. I remember going to the Chevron station, which is now called Taylor, for Sprites because 1 in 7 won a free Sprite. I remember having so much fun. And today and last weekend I ran through these memories. I ran past the place where I learned to throw a football and hit a baseball. I ran past the ditch where I use to dig "caves" in and wade through run off water, I ran past the church where I belonged, I ran past roads and lots that were only dirt when I knew the neighborhood so well. I wonder how far I rode my bike on an average day? The distance was never something I would have thought about as a child. Except that one day when I joined my brother riding 20 miles for his boy scout badge. Outside of that I knew my boundaries were 82nd street to the south, 66th to the north (though Chevron was N of there), Frankfort to the East, and Iola to the West. This was my world for many years.

Now it's different, more developed, different families, and not really my home anymore. Well, I'm really tired. I just ate a high carb dinner. I took a long hot bath after the run. Before the run I tried a protein supplement for my first time. I think it gave me good energy. I will probably start doing more of these supplements because being a vegetarian sometimes I don't get much protein. Afterwords I had a high electrolyte drink mix. I feel a little sick and a little sore but tomorrow I think I will feel great. Maybe even good enough to go swimming before work.

Sunrise over the iconic view of the neighborhood

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Sternkind said...

OMG the water tower!!! I remember sneaking in the fence when we were younger! So many good times spent in the drainage ditch behind the school, and biking EVERYWHERE. I also remember the chevron station (although I think I remember buying arizona's mucho mango...i love that stuff)
So many good memories of great times when we were just little girls. love you, dear!!!