Wednesday, February 21, 2007


"When people are starving, it is not food that is in short supply, it's justice." -Eduardo Galeano

"We who are not poor, not hungry, cannot by fasting share the lot of those who are. But we can turn the attention and energy that hunger gives us to what Galeano says....The difference between the fasting of the wealthy and the constant hunger of those who are poor: "For those who eat well, Lent is a call to austerity, a call to give away in order to share with those in need. But in poor lands, in homes where there is hunger, Lent should be observed in order to give to the sacrifice that is everday life the meaning of the cross....Feeling in one's own flesh the consequences of sin and injustice, one is stimulated to work for social justice and a genuine love for the poor."

"The fasting we do in Lent is about this love for the poor and thus the hunger for justice to be done."

Quotes taken from "Get Hungry for Lent" and article in U.S. Catholic from February 2005 pg. 24-27. Written by Gabe Huck

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