Monday, February 19, 2007

Sad night, we had an incident of a kamucasi wine bottle in the kitchen as we were sitting down for supper. It was tragic. I'm certain it was the best wine I'd ever bought but I was saving it for a special occation. I don't know what that special occation would have been but now our house smells like wine. Oh well. As I was falling asleep in class tonight I decided to write out my plan/goal/sacrifice for lent. I'm glad it's no longer just maybe I should do this or that but a concrete decision. Can't tell you what it is but I'm excited for it to begin. I don't plan on participating in fat tuesday, I think just now I indulged for the last time (for the next 40 days at least). Exciting posts to come, I promise but for now I'm busy reading, writing research papers and application essays. If you get a letter to write a reference letter I hope you will have nice things to say. We watched The Constant Gardner tonight after the death of the Llano wine. Wow, talk about sinceless death and corruption. that's all.

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