Saturday, January 27, 2007


What will it look like in my life?

I was thinking about this while walking home from work the other day because soon Pastor Mike (that just sounds funny for some reason) will need to assign us books based on specifically what we intend to do with the leadership course for this next month's leadership training course reading.

What did I come to?

I remembered getting the job at Caribou coffee asking friends who worked there if I would be able to start a bible study there or something of that nature. But now I've been there for a couple months and the only nights I don't have anything going on consistently are those that I work. And also it's hard to get more then three people together who can consistently meet together weekly without significant schedule conflicts.

What have I began to think about?

Maybe formal education like small group and classes and things are a good thing. Maybe many people have learned many things because of them but maybe they are not the only way to teach people things about the bible and living according to its teachings. Maybe another alternative is one-on-one discipleship.

When I think back to the ways that I have learned the most and the seasons in life when I have grown the most spiritually it has been because of mentors, friends, and teachers but not in formal group education settings. Instead this growth and learning took place because of relationship and shared journey with another person.

Where I work I may not have found an easy way for a group of people to come together and learn about the bible but I have formed some amazing friendships that often lead to spiritual questions and questions with what I want to do with this Wheaton degree and stuff. I am in relationship with people genuinely seeking meaning in their lives and why shouldn't I persue influencing them and when the time comes (with more maturity on my part and God's leading) disciplining those I know through work.

That's where I think I want to go with this leadership group. It's not that I don't like small groups but I realize the value in authentic teachers and spiritual advisers and how much they have spoken truth into my life and I think that's how I can serve as well.

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