Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stomp the Lawn

I'm not a big movie watcher honestly but it was a house bonding moment to go see this one tonight. Really it was pretty good. Reminded me a lot of Drumline. The competitions in the "hood" at the beginning reminded me of hip hop meets emo. Check it out, pretty sweet. But there was a quote that stuck out to me, "You make the letters but the letters don't make you." This was referring to Greek letters in the phrat world. The setting was Truth University and some of the most notable African Americans were shown to have been members of the Greek communities. I was reminded of my own experiences with initiation, pledging, and membership, even as an officer. I was never that hard core about it. I only survived pledging because I was too stubborn to admit defeat. It wasn't because I learned to rely on my pledge class though we did grow close. I didn't have a noble perspective of desiring to make the organization more honorable. I didn't coinsider if my life honored the letters (CDs). But like the movie, we had a competition called Master Follies. Other sister universities call it different things but this is a big thing. Normally performed around Valentine's day so they have been practicing like crazy everyday for a couple weeks now. These competitions were life consuming. For weeks we became crazy almost to the point of hating anyone not in the brother or sister club. It was pretty ugly for a Christian campus. Such fond and terrible memories.
But the point is, I haven't been that competitive about anything else in my life. It became war even though it was a war we created ourselves. Why don't I get this caught up in the war for souls? So messed up. I'm ashamed. There are some Greek letters that I should feel so much more compelled to win under, it is a name that I should never feel ashamed to be known by. It is a name that I should feel obligated and obliged to honor and obey. They are chi rho (IXTHUS). Anyway, that's a much more serous battle that we are guarantied to win.

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