Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One Week Into the Experement

This is my first weekly update on the hunger experement. Refer to the last post if you don't know what I'm talking about.

The basics of this update are as of two days ago I'm down 6 pbs, was falling asleep in classes yesterday (first day of class, oops), and noticed the hill on my walk to school/work. Oh, and I have the most intense sugar cravings EVER. So I began to look at the nutrition facts of the soup and realized I was averaging about 750 calories a day. That's probably not healthy, BUT something like 65% of the world's population has no other option. But I know that I do have an option and I don't need to mess up my body now when I am in a possision to help others. If I was just a pawn in the game of life maybe it wouldn't matter so much. Who do we concider the pawns of this world? I don't know what I am but I see some problems with the world and I have a yearning to do something. This project is just a small step in becoming the person I will be. Throughout the course of life I'll have various influence, power, and wealth. For now, this is what I need to do.

Monday, yesterday, I decided I should eat some bread to get few more calories. So on my way home from class I went to the ghetto Jewel and bought a loaf of french bakery bread. I figured that 1/4 of it was 280 calories so that would put me just over the 1000 calorie line. I walked about 4 steps out of the store before I ripped a chunck of that bad boy off and started stuffing my pie hole with the stuff. It was incredible bread. Let me just tell you how good carbs are. I felt amazing after that. You know, that was the best part of waking up today. It keeps me going just knowing that with each new day I get to eat a wad of bread.

Listen to me, I'm starting to sound like a starving kid. I've got a better story from today. Get this: So I was at work, the Caribou and a bunch of our bakery foods expired today. Things like Pumpkin bread, chocolate carmel truffle muffins, low fat berry muffins, and peanut butter cookies. And I had to throw them away because Caribou fires employees who take this food home or give it away. I couldn't bare to see the food in the trash can. I had such a sugar craving. So when my supervisor was in the office and nobody was looking I had to cheat the experement and try the chocolate carmel truffel muffin. So I reached down into the trash, pulled it up from under other stuff, gave it a little look to make sure nothing too terrible had been on it, tore off a small corner and poped it into my mouth. It was a darn shame all that stuff was thrown away. I forgot to mention three bagels were also tossed. Such a waste. We have starving people. I see them in the store staying warm all the time. It was not right. What should I do in the future? (besides dig through trash to eat for myself) I don't think it's cheating if I eat from a trash can or dumpster. That food should be legal for me.

Well that may have been a bit of an amusing post for some of you. I'm still trying to figure out how to put video up. Now I'm trying to decide what I will do for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I feel like I should do something for the cause of justice on that day. I should do something that shows or requires extreme grace. Maybe I will venture out to Reba Place Fellowship (an intentional community in Chicago) and work with some people that will hopefully eventually become friends.

Grace and Peace to you!

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gerbmom said...

So, if you find a perfectly good chicken breast with potatoes in my trash, you'll eat it?