Monday, January 01, 2007

Tag I'm It

Well I've been tagged a few times now to write about 5 little known facts about me.
One: Most embarrassing thing happened to me last week. I called the cops on my roommate because I thought someone was breaking-in. I'm a doofas!
Two: When I was two years old I run to my dad when he came home from work to tell him it was snowing, tripped, bit through the baby bottle nipple that I was carrying and clear through my lip. It was the first time I had stitches and now it's a pretty cute little scar.
Three: I was one of those really smart trouble makers in high school. Short story: I went on a state Latin competition as a Freshman because I scored well enough on a Greek History test at a regional competition. The funny part was when I got back to school I landed myself in ISS for being caught with a boy in our room playing cards at night. Then they threatened to kick me out of National Honor Society and my AP teachers forced me to write an apology letting to my Latin teacher for our "bad behavior."
Four: I have been kayaking in some of the coolest places in this country and around the world including: lower Manhattan (Hudson river), Ziliker Park in Austin, TX, Durango, CO, Atlantic Ocean off Coco Beach, FL, and Yahtzee River in China.
Five: I'm a workaholic who has traditionally held multiple jobs for many years but lately I'm ready to quit my job after just over a month of employment. For instance I worked at Geno's for a month, took a month off and couldn't stand the down time. Now I've worked at Caribou a month and want to quit for a little while to I can do more with the Hunger Experiment. Oh well, I go back to work tomorrow and I'm sure I will remember how much I love it.

I don't want to tag anyone else because I don't actually know anyone. But if you are reading this post and I don't know you leave a comment and consider yourself tagged.

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